Hamari delivers auditorium solutions around the world in cooperation with clients and designers. We combine desired form and the selected materials to create functional entities. Our professional and experienced staff undertake a range of projects including architecturally demanding installations. Our furniture is always tailor made and standard products are easily adapted. Two identical auditoriums do not exist.

Hamari was established in 2014 and will continue the auditorium business purchase from Martela Oyj. The office and exhibition is situated in the centre of Porvoo and the workshop and logistics are located in Turku.

  • Jari Jääskelä, CEO

    +358 50 502 4731

  • Elisabeth Enbom, Arkitekt MDD

    Kontakt Danmark
    +45 22 20 48 36

  • Ville-Pekka Into

    Product development
    +358 44 775 4801

  • Harry Grönmark

    Product development
    +358 44 775 4800

  • Vesa Muunoja

    +358 50 440 5876

  • Tea Gröndahl

    Purchase & Logistics
    +358 50 465 7848


Auditoriums are always made for need, therefore our products are environmentally sustainable. As far as possible, only recyclable and easily disposable raw materials are used. All processes harmful to the environment and to human beings are systematically avoided.